Several upgrade options are available for conventional / sinker Elox EDM equipment. These include rebuilding, upgrading, and replacing the power supply. EDM machines can last seemingly forever, often outlasting the usefulness of their power supplies. EDM Zap offers replacement power supplies designed to work perfectly with Elox machines. EDM Zap power supplies bring 21st century technology to older equipment and can have your existing machines outperforming new equipment at a fraction of the cost.


edm zap advantage power supply



EDM Zap Advantage Power Supply

When we decided to build the EDM Zap Power Supply from the ground up we wanted to give users the best solution in the business. The Advantage Series Power Supply is an example of what can be accomplished when you blend research, engineering, and experience. The result is a power supply that is reliable and productive.

The EDM Zap Advantage is loaded with features that allow you to be more profitable and productive. The Manual version offers operators a familiar control panel while the advanced electronics on the inside work to be productive every step of the way. The ZNC and CNC versions feature powerful programming capabilities allow operators to conduct quick burns or customize a series of functions. The advanced materials give users instant access to 100’s of different material combinations with burn settings so you can get started right away. The main screen gives instant feedback so you know the job is running smoothly.

The EDM Zap Power Supply doesn’t just work harder, but helps you work smarter. With advanced electronics and fiber optic connections the power supply is efficient and powerful.

Why build such an advanced power supply here in the USA when cheaper options are available? Because it is not just our reputation on the line, but yours too.

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