A lot of EDM productivity is lost due to neglected hydraulic systems. An un-maintained hydraulic system can affect EDM performance. Is your machine experiencing any of the following symptoms?

  • Unstable cut
  • Head speed slower than it used to be
  • Roughing ok but EDM slows down during finishing
  • Difficulty getting a good surface finish
  • Metal removal rate degraded over time

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, your hydraulic system could be compromised. Many jump to changing their servo valves, only to have the problem reappear weeks later. The root cause of the problem is actually in the hydraulic tank itself. Oil breakdown and normal wear and tear of the hydraulic pump creates shellacs and particles that will cause a hydraulic valve to become slow and sticky.

The solution is to drain all of the oil from the hydraulic tank and carefully wipe out the inside of the tank. Change the filter and refill using the proper hydraulic oil. Use a cycling valve / flush kit to clean the system before installing the servo valve. If the system was performing slowly, the servo valve should be sent out for reconditioning.

Hydraulic maintenance should be performed once a year for machines that run 3 shifts and every 3 years for single shift shops.

How can EDM Zap help?
In addition to offering all the parts you need to replace your Elox hydraulic system, they also rent the cycling valve/flush kit used to clean out the hydraulic system.