Summer can take a toll on your EDM equipment. Elevated ambient temperatures and brown out power conditions can tax an EDM to the point of failure. Here are a couple of tips to keep your equipment running cool when the temperatures rise.

1. Keep equipment clean.
How many times have you heard that? But it’s true. Dirty filters and dust caked electronics are the number one cause of power supply problems during the summer months. Replace the air filter as needed.

2. Be careful when using an air hose to blow out a power supply.
Use extra care when using an air hose on a dirty power supply. In most cases the dust is full of conductive particles. Blowing the dust could cause the conductive elements to lodge in critical areas that are not part of normal air flow – such as between the pins of sensitive electronic devices. In addition, using too much air pressure could loosen components. Try using a brush with a vacuum to get most of the particles. If you do use and air hose, make sure to turn down the pressure.

3. Be sure that the power supply is set up to match incoming voltage.
It is critical that the power supply transformer be properly configured to match the incoming plant voltage. Even machines that are in service for years are prone to this as it is not uncommon for utility companies to make subtle changes that will affect incoming voltage.

4. Check main blowers.
Your power supply has one or more high-volume blowers used to pull outside air into the power supply and remove heat from inside the cabinet. Over time, these blowers can become caked with dirt and their operation will be degraded. Clean or replace dirty or inefficient blowers.